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The Best Investment You Can Make in Your Multi-Residential Property

Why Your First Investment in Real Estate Should Not Be Real Estate! My partner Steve and I get asked this question all the time. What’s first? I’ve’ studied, I’ve researched, I’m learning the process, I have a mentor but what is really the first thing to spend time an effort on? Well our answer …

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Real Estate Investing

Are You Kidding Me?! A Real Estate Owners Tirade   I’m on a bit of a tirade this morning. So new and fellow real estate investors please bear with me, but a couple of recent events have set me off. I have titled this piece “ARE YOU KIDDING ME?!” and you’ll soon see why. I …

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Real Estate Investing FAQ’S – You Asked, We Answered

Investment Real Estate FAQ's

Whenever we’re teaching a class on real estate investing or even meeting with friends or colleagues we’re often asked a few basic questions. However, more often than not we are also inundated with commentary on how real estate investing is too hard, too complicated or just too ___________ (fill in the blank). To be …

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Real Estate Investing: Cash Flow is King!

real estate investing

Or is it? When I first decided to become a real estate investor I worked with a mentor who had many years of experience in purchasing real estate investment, both industrial and multi-unit residential. Over our years of analyzing and purchasing real estate I heard one particular term thousands of times.  He would say …

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Work and the Workplace – How They Are Changing

The nature of work is evolving, and along with it, so is workplace. The workplace of the 21st century must meet the productivity and functional demands of employers and employees’ need for flexibility and choice. The ways we come together to collaborate and interact, as well as the ways we seek concentration and solitude, are …

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