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M Lease for Landlords

M Lease

At M Commercial Realty, we’ve leased over 250,000 sf of commercial space and can say with certainty that there are myriad of incentives that can motivate tenants besides lower rents.

Landlords of commercial properties have specific needs that need to be met on an ongoing basis. In some cases, a tenant vacancy may be preferred over a lease offer that falls below certain requirements; while in other cases, the duration of a unit vacancy must be minimized at all costs.

M Commercial's entire range of advanced listing and marketing services are at your disposal including:

  In-Depth Pre-Listing Pricing Strategy Consultation

  Manage Offer to Lease Process

  Marketing Tactics

  Property listed on MLS/ICX, MCR, SpaceList, Altus, Co-Star, Loop Net, Kijiji

  Downloadable digital sell sheet

  "FOR LEASE" sign

  Email marketing campaign

M Lease for Business Owners

M Lease

Where your business calls home is about more than just an address. It is an extension of your company’s image to partners and customers, as well as the environment in which your corporate culture comes to life every day.

Choosing the ideal space can be one of the most important decisions you make for your business. The right space can determine the quality of employees you attract, how fast you can grow, and even the type of customers your business appeals to.

Don’t leave such a crucial choice up to chance - get the expert advice you need to find the space that will truly maximize your business’ potential.

At M Commercial Realty, we’ve helped hundreds of business owners just like you find space that meets their current and future needs so they can grow their business successfully.

Whether you’re looking to lease space in an existing complex or for commercial property to build your own specific premises, M Commercial Realty can help you find exactly what you’re looking for.

If you are a landlord or a business owner and want to know more about our M Lease Services, call M Commercial at 416-903-2455 or email us.

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