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The Art of Stillness Won’t Help You Deal with the Proposed Corporate Tax Changes

Have you heard of the “Art of Stillness”? Let me explain. I sat down several times over the past few days trying to pull together my thoughts for my next article/blog.  My normal routine is to collect interesting tidbits through the week, perhaps tying them to a book or article I have read and …

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Office Investment Is Not For the Meek Of Heart

Investing is not for the meek of hear

Office buildings can be a valuable asset in any investor’s portfolio, but they are not for the meek of heart or those that do not have significant cash at the ready. Yes they are generally comprised of triple net leases, meaning the tenant is responsible not only for rent, but also all other costs …

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Real Estate Investing FAQ’S – You Asked, We Answered

Investment Real Estate FAQ's

Whenever we’re teaching a class on real estate investing or even meeting with friends or colleagues we’re often asked a few basic questions. However, more often than not we are also inundated with commentary on how real estate investing is too hard, too complicated or just too ___________ (fill in the blank). To be …

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Work and the Workplace – How They Are Changing

The nature of work is evolving, and along with it, so is workplace. The workplace of the 21st century must meet the productivity and functional demands of employers and employees’ need for flexibility and choice. The ways we come together to collaborate and interact, as well as the ways we seek concentration and solitude, are …

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How to Save Time and Money on Your Next Office Build-Out

Stop me if this sounds familiar – you’ve started a home renovation project and have a good idea of how long it will take and how much it will cost; fast forward several weeks and you’re abysmally behind schedule and substantially over budget. This is the Murphy’s Law of renovations: the project will always …

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