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Overholding Clause… What’s an Overholding Clause?

In my 35 years of experience in commercial leasing, I have heard this very question more than a few times. Or another common version is “What do you mean I can’t stay beyond my lease expiry, I have an overholding clause?” I just finished up a lengthy negotiation (really an ordeal) with a client …

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Equities vs Real Estate

On the fence

Equities vs Real Estate: Keep an Open Mind But Stay Off the Fence One day some time ago, my father and I were on our way to a favorite hunting area. It was a fairly long trip and as he often did, he used this “together” time to pass along life lessons as he …

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Sell or Hold?

The Age Old Question:  SELL and Take Profit or HOLD and Let it Ride? We recently received an unsolicited call from a buyer asking if we would consider selling our 18 unit apartment building. Like many investors, this buyer said they are desperately looking to add properties to their portfolio. He said they would be …

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Waiver Date Part 2


How to Manage Your Conditional Period and Beat the Waiver Date In Part 1 of our Waver Date article we discussed the importance of the Waiver Date and what the Waiver Date really represents. We outlined how it is established, the lead up to it, and the push and pull between Buyer and Seller …

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Waiver Date

Man on ice

The Most Important Date in Real Estate Investment! When you have identified a piece of real estate, you’ve done your due diligence, and you’ve finally arrived at the buying decision and it’s yes. The next step is drawing up your offer contract. There are obviously many key components in a contract but there is …

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