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The Art of Stillness Won’t Help You Deal with the Proposed Corporate Tax Changes

Have you heard of the “Art of Stillness”? Let me explain. I sat down several times over the past few days trying to pull together my thoughts for my next article/blog.  My normal routine is to collect interesting tidbits through the week, perhaps tying them to a book or article I have read and …

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Real Estate Investors Go to the Sidelines. WHY? ??

I met with a number of  commercial real estate investors over the past few weeks and heard a variety of terms which I haven’t heard for quite some time, “I’m out for now”, “going to sit on the sidelines for a bit”, or “holding for now”. I inquired about the reason for sitting on the …

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Real Estate Investing

Are You Kidding Me?! A Real Estate Owners Tirade   I’m on a bit of a tirade this morning. So new and fellow real estate investors please bear with me, but a couple of recent events have set me off. I have titled this piece “ARE YOU KIDDING ME?!” and you’ll soon see why. I …

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Real Estate Investing FAQ’S – You Asked, We Answered

Investment Real Estate FAQ's

Whenever we’re teaching a class on real estate investing or even meeting with friends or colleagues we’re often asked a few basic questions. However, more often than not we are also inundated with commentary on how real estate investing is too hard, too complicated or just too ___________ (fill in the blank). To be …

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